May 06 2008


I didn’t have her for long but in those short months that she was in our lives she was able to find a spot in my heart. Fiona was found on the streets of Torrance and brought to my Hospital. I immediately felt compassion for this pathetic looking dog. Since we didn’t find her owners I took her home. Her one tooth and her tongue coming out of the other side of her mouth, gave her character.

obj310geo286pg11p8Trying to prepare Sophie (my 4 year old daughter) I told her I had brought home an ugly dog. When Sophie saw her the words out of her mouth were “aaaww she’s not ugly… she is beautiful.” She was an adorable dog and had her way with my wife Randee’s, Sophie’s and my heart.

With the aid of her sister Roxy she would chase cats and birds out of the back yard. They would also bark their hearts out when dogs came to their gate to challenge their territory. I don’t know what kind of a life she had before me but I tried to make her as comfortable as I could.

Today, May 6th 2008, I had to take my Dog to rest in peace. It was heart breaking but not as heart breaking as hearing my daughter say she wanted to see her friend as we were explaining of the happenings.

I dedicate this space to the One tooth wonder Fiona Marin… ‘Till we meet again.

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