All my gratitude

My name is Hanzo, and believe it not, even though I’m a big beautiful Siamese cat, I’ll come to you when you call my name.

I live in south Redondo and other than those two huge dogs in the back yard that bark all the time, I luv living here.
I’ve been a loyal patient of Dr’s Hutson’s for as long as I can remember, and don’t mind coming into her office when my human brings me in. Especially since I get to rummage thru all those cabinets in their exam room and explore things that I don’t get to play with at home.

I remember one morning this June, a few weeks after my birthday when I didn’t feel so good one morning. I wasn’t hungry, thirsty, my stomach hurt, and didn’t feel like hanging out with my human all that much. My human looked very worried and brought me in. Dr Hutson took one look at me and said I was a big yellow head cat, yikes. But even though I was very sick with something called cholangio hepatitis, Dr Hutson knew exactly what I had very early on and sprung into action, and got me back on track in no time.

Thank you Dr. Hutson for saving my life, and giving me more time to spend with my family. I know my main human and his family feels the same way.


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